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How to start a Website or Blog


You’ve already made the initial step toward claiming a certain area of the internet to be yours.

It’s quick and simple to start a Website or blog, and once it’s up and running, you can concentrate on working hard on your Website or blog posts, promotion, and success in the long run!

Don’t believe me? Read my easy steps to start a new WordPress website!

This page contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission if you use those links. I will always only recommend brands and websites that I trust, that I’ve used and experienced for years and ones I think you’ll love too.

1. What is WordPress & Why WordPress?

A content management system, or CMS, is what WordPress is. In simplest terms, it’s software that enables you to organize content (texts, photographs, videos, etc.) and format it for publication on the web. It’s just huge, and WordPress is THE market leader, powering more than 40%(and growing) of the websites you can discover online.

The question “Why WordPress?” is frequently asked in comparison to other options. . It is very customizable, has a tonne of features and possibilities (all for free!), and is SEO-friendly. What is there to dislike? WordPress is used by more than one-third of all websites for a reason.


The “self-hosted” and “open source” version of WordPress is offered at, making it a free and open-source CMS that you can set up on your own hosting. Therefore, in order to install WordPress, you must purchase a hosting package, a domain name.Self-hosted WordPress has the benefit of allowing you to use it anyway you choose, install as many themes and extensions as you desire, and much more! is the version of WordPress that I recommend using because it will allow you to develop your site further, work precisely on every component, and it will expand alongside your business.

A restricted version of WordPress developed and hosted by the Automatic firm is known as A very limited free version and a version with more functionality that costs money are both options. You can’t have any technical issues because everything is restricted , but you aren’t really at home and can’t do whatever you want with your website. Less themes and plugins are available, and you are not free to do as you choose.

That’s why I recommend using, the self-hosted version.

2. What is a Domain and Web Hosting?

You will need to purchase HOSTING and a DOMAIN NAME in order to launch your WordPress site. Here are some details so you may know what it is: 

i. Domain name:-

 A domain is your Website address or your blog address, like the address of your house. It is unique and it corresponds to the URL of your site (example:-

ii. Hosting:-

Hosting is the service that makes your blog appear live online at your domain. If you didn’t pay for web hosting and went straight to your domain, nothing would be showing there. All your website files (your theme, posts, images, video, content) that you upload to WordPress are  pushes live  by  your hosting.

Buy Your Domain + Hosting

To keep things simple, I suggest purchasing a “HOSTING + DOMAIN NAME” combo from the same provider. It’s true that you may purchase the domain name first, then the hosting, and then connect the two. However, this might be a little confusing to comprehend, so we’ll make it straightforward and select everything from the same Provider. Additionally, if you purchase everything in one place, the DOMAIN NAME is frequently FREE for the first year.

There’re a lot of companies out there to host your website. We recommend →

to purchase your domain and hosting. Their service is excellent! They will help you with your problem immediately. I’ve been using their service since I started my business & for my Clients.

3. Best WordPress Theme and Page Builder

If you have successfully purchased, You can log in to your self-hosted WordPress by going to or you can also log in from your Hosting provider dashboard. 

Now that you have self-hosted WordPress, you can use any themes that you want, I recommend using ASTRA Theme (as it is the fastest, flexible and free WordPress theme that is intuitive and offers deeper integration with WooCommerce. With unique features and countless customizations you can build a Store, Blog that matches your brand)

I provide you with premade website designs template made with the incredibly user-friendly ELEMENTOR plugin!

4. Why to use Premade Template?

Designindigitals  have tons of beautiful pre-made templates. Use them, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Choose the WordPress template that best suits your business from the Designindigitals shop and as soon as you have purchased it you will have access to your files and information to install it with video Tutorial.

And you know most of my past clients who purchased our templates are now thriving, and they always said that investing in one is worth it. 

Install, Customize + Launch!

"The Online Coach " WordPress Template

"The Fitness " WordPress Template

"The Podcast " WordPress Template


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